Domeloz was born from the spirit of mead making…. Dominic DeSano began his adventures into mead inspired by a love of bees and the precious honey they produce. From the first batch in his home basement in Madison, Wisconsin, his journey took him to Bahia, Brazil, where he united forces with Flor Nativa, a local honey cooperative that gathers from the majestic region of the Chapada Diamantina. This magical honey is some of the best in the world. His venture gave birth to Melvino Hidromel, the region’s first artisan mead. From this came another idea……..

Meanwhile, in Madison, an alliance between Dominic and Yahara Bay’s master distiller, Lars Forde emerged and they began to dream and envision…… Why not try distilling mead? The sugars in honey provide the necessary elements for success. Starting with such a pure and multi-faceted taste profile could only result in an amazing product, a territory untapped by mass producers of distilled beverages and micro distillers alike.


Mead, fermented honey wine, is said to be perhaps the oldest alcoholic beverage known to humans. Honey, fermented in the wild when rains would collect in upturned hives, was imaginably discovered by the hunter-gatherers of the place and surprisingly had an intoxicating effect! The history and mythology of mead ranges from Greek temples to Norse Gods to India, to Europe, to China, to…..?? Whether fact or fiction, mead stories have certainly intrigued the hearts and minds of those who have partaken of its irresistible appeal.

Modern production of mead is on an upswing, and the artisanal crafting of mead is enchanting the present day aficionado.


What is it? …While other popular spirits fall into categories depending on their base ingredient, there is no common name for this uncommon spirit. Though sometimes referred to as honey shine, mead moonshine, or midas, we are choosing to call it honey spirit….. and we hope it catches on!

Honey Spirit is essentially distilled mead. We take the magic of mead a step further by distilling it artfully into a clear drink, void of any impurities, yet still full of subtle characteristics that distinguish it from alcohol of other origins.

Domeloz honey spirit derives from pure honey, yet the result is never sweet. Not traditionally made, honey spirit is a new creation, conceived of through natural curiosity and an inquisitive “what if?”


Mead is often called “the nectar of the gods.” As the legend goes Odin, the all-father of the Nordic gods, was the keeper and distributor of mead. Those who were lucky enough to receive it were blessed with wisdom, knowledge, wit, health, strength, long life, and poetic inspiration. Hence it was also called “the mead of poetry.”

The concept of mead, refined into a pristine and purified state, evokes the suggestion of progression, evolution, and transformation. In the spirit of mead’s poetry, we call Domeloz the “Nectar of the Next Gods.”

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