Distilling From Honey Offers Top-Shelf Taste

In the distilled spirits world, the name and classification of a spirit is often determined by the type of base sugar used. Brandy is distilled from fruit, rum from molasses, tequila from agave, and whiskey from a mixture of corn, rye, wheat and barley.

However, what do you call a spirit distilled from honey? And, did you know there was even such a thing?

Honey of a Wisconsin spirit is born in Brazil

from Journal Sentinel– March 16, 2018

When Dominic DeSano found himself a divorced carpenter without his workshop, he needed something to keep busy. Working at Willy Street Co-Op, he’d met some beekeepers and he ended up with honey. He started making mead.

In 2014, DeSano and his partner, Laura DiJulius, traveled to Brazil. They happened to be in a region with a major honey source, and using the honey and local fruits, he made more mead.

Salud! Meloz, a new honey spirit, pollinates Madison’s cocktail scene

from The Cap Times– Oct 9, 2017

When local entrepreneur Dominic DeSano introduced a new honey spirit to the Madison market, he tried to resist the puns.

With that little bee on the label, they were just so easy. So sweet.

“I wanted to get a little buzz going,” DeSano said, then half-sheepishly brought up another potential tagline: “From mead to you?”

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