Domeloz Yellow Label

Our original somel is hand-crafted and distilled from 100% pure honey. This unique clear spirit comes off the still “with wisdom”, ready to drink… each drop distinct, delicate, and delicious. The smooth and complex flavor comes from a special blending of local and selected honey from around the globe. No grains, fruits or other ingredients are used, just honey…. though it is never sweet. No sugars are added post-distillation. For a new experience, sip, savor, and discover every drop.

Domeloz Black Label

Though our clear somel needs no improvement, we decided to take our exquisite signature spirit and rest it in a bourbon barrel, allowing the robust & earthy characteristics of oak to mingle with its smooth, distinct flavor. The result is Domeloz Oak Rested Somel, a beautiful product bottled at 90 proof. Use it in Old-Fashioneds, Manhattans, or simply pour over a nice big rock of ice. Enjoy!

Domeloz Royal Reserve 

Introducing our most adventurous spirit yet… Domeloz Royal Reserve. Oak rested in a once used bourbon barrel and bottled at cask strength, this potent somel is not for the faint of heart! Yet even at high proofs, the softness of honey prevails, offering a pleasantly surprising one of a kind experience. You’ll want to try this.

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Domeloz Oak Rested, Private Label

This special batch Domeloz is available exclusively at the Monumental Enterprises triad of stores. Rested in a bourbon barrel for 5 months and bottled at 116 proof, this is our original cask strength batch, and the only one bottled in a black label and as a limited edition. (A great batch to add to your collection!) 


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