Original Honey Spirit

Hand-crafted and distilled from 100% pure honey, Domeloz is in a category of its own design. Our unique clear spirit comes off the still “with wisdom”, ready to drink… each drop distinct, delicate, and delicious. The smooth and complex flavor comes from a special blending of local and selected honey from around the globe.  No grains, fruits or other ingredients are used, just honey. Though it is never sweet. No sugars are added post-distillation. For a new experience, sip, savor, and discover every drop.

Oak Rested Honey Spirit

Though our clear honey spirit needs no improvement, we decided to take our exquisite signature spirit and rest it in a bourbon barrel, allowing the robust & earthy characteristics of oak to mingle with its smooth, distinct flavor. The result is Domeloz Oak Rested Honey Spirit, a beautiful product bottled at 90 proof. Use it in Old-Fashioneds, Manhattans, or simply pour over a nice big rock. Enjoy!

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